Taylor & Connor Engagement

Stony Creek Metropark

Winter engagement locations can be pretty difficult in Michigan. Stony Creek is one of the best places for an engagement shoot all year long. Even in January it has many beautiful trees as well as the an old stone wall with two beautiful staircases. If you have never been to Stony before, it's pretty big,  just follow the signs to the golf course when you first enter the park. It cost $10 dollars to get in to the park but it's a small cost for a great location (yearly passes cost $40). There's a parking lot at the golf course, walk the main road to the bike path but don't forget to stop and take a photo! Follow bike path and you're in the most beautiful photoshoot location. There's two pathways the one with tall trees, and the bike path, follow either to get to the brick stone wall as well as the open field in the back. Each one offering a look that's amazing no matter what season you choose.

If the tall trees and brick stone walls were enough, stony creek has even more locations to offer! There's a beach for your summer shoots, a boat yard, as well as many others. I'm ready to explore everything stony creek has to offer with you!

Stony Creek Metropark Golf Course 5140 Main Parkway, Shelby Twp, MI 48316